We are a young, but fast growing company. We lean on a huge experience of our specialists as well as we use the most modern approaches to production and quality control.

We are not afraid of the most difficult projects and are happy to take the easiest ones.

Prototyping is one of the crucial parts of any project developing. After this stage there are always a major steps appear, such as system architecture review, development, production and, finally, product testing. Our team, having a huge experience in developing and producing mechanical parts and electronic equipment, will help you to turn your idea into the perfect finished product, saving your time and money.

No matter what stage your project on – idea, prototype, pilot or finished product – our engineers are happy to design, optimize, prepare documentation, and carry the production process and quality control.

There are three main divisions in our company. Prototyping and engineering of mechanical parts and devices, developing and prototyping of printed-circuit boards and electronic devices, and production and quality control regardless of the quantities you need.

Prototyping and designing of mechanic parts and details

  • Consulting services
  • Prototype designing
  • 3D scanning / reverse engineering
  • Complex assemblies design
  • Redesign, optimization
  • Technological fault verification

Engineering of PCB and electronic devices

  • PCB and electronic schemes reverse engineering
  • PCB design
  • Electronic scheme design
  • Microcontroller software design and reverse engineering
  • Design mistake verification
  • Design consulting

Production preparation and starting-up procedures

  • Documents setup
  • 3D CAD models build-up
  • CNC machinery software
  • Full-cycle project production setup
  • Production guiding
  • Product quality control
  • Test routine development
  • Testing and repair services
  • Production optimizing, cost reduction

Here is just a part of what we can offer:

  • Production of cases, enclosures and assemblies from sheet metal with finishing of different type
  • High precision details, standoffs, chassis from aluminum, made on CNC machinery
  • Engineering of waterproof assemblies with protection rating up to IP68 according IEC 60529 European standard
  • Electronic schemes repair and recovery, trouble detection, changing of old parts to a new ones
  • PCB and electronic scheme design according to customer’s terms of reference
  • Tube amplifiers repair, old stereo amplifiers restoration
  • Reverse engineering of old electronic schemes and PCBs
  • Outsource product production, full-cycle production control, quality control
  • On-site check and repair service with our equipment of electronic devices of any complexity